Sunday, 31 August 2014

World Premiere for Rye

The final Saturday of this year's Festival provides a World Premiere! The Piatti Quartet end their residency with a final concert at St Mary's Church and the programme features a new work by the English composer Joseph Phibbs. The concert on 27th September starts at 7.30pm  but at 6.30pm Joseph and the Piatti will do a pre-concert talk where they will discuss their work and all ticketholders for the main event are welcome.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Rye's Resident Quartet on BBC Radio 3

The Piatti Quartet are going to be quartet in residence at this year's Rye Arts Festival in September. And to get a taste of their playing listen to BBC Radio 3 tonight (Monday 25th August) when they will be appearing on In Tune, from 6.30pm.

The Pioatti will be talking about their season, including their week-long at the Rye Arts Festival between 20th and 27th September, which will feature the Quartet in a series of concerts with other guest musicians, open rehearsal sessions, masterclasses for young players and a free gig in a pub!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Old Filth Signs Off

Last Friends is the final part of the Old Filth trilogy by novelist Jane Gardam and she will be talking about the book in the Marquee in Lamb House garden at 3pm on Monday 15th September.

Old Filth is the acronym for 'Failed in London try Hong Kong' and described the colonials in the Far East who didn't quite the mustard in the UK and therefore chose to go into the service of the mother country and its natives on the other side of the World. Sir Edwards Feathers, the eponymous character, was anything but a failure. A child of the Raj who had been born and orphaned in Malaya, he moved to HK and was a colossus in its legal system.